AnteAGE® Vaginal Rejuvenation Solution (VRS) - Box (6 Pack)
AnteAGE® Vaginal Rejuvenation Solution (VRS) - Box (6 Pack)
AnteAGE® Vaginal Rejuvenation Solution (VRS) - Box (6 Pack)

AnteAGE® Vaginal Rejuvenation Solution (VRS) - Box (6 Pack)

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The AnteAGE® Vaginal Rejuvenation Solution is a regenerative vaginal moisturizer. Harnessing the natural power of bone marrow stem cells, AnteAGE® VRS delivers lost bio-signals to restore a youthful micro- environment. Our at home VRS safely restores the vaginal wall using growth factors and cytokines without any added hormones. Physiologically balanced bio-signals from the stem cell cytokines reduce inflammation while the hyaluronic acid increases moisture that is native to the body. Clinical studies show tremendous improvements in dryness, pain and vaginal epithelium thickness within 1-3 months of use.


A thinning vaginal wall can cause a host of challenges for women, many of which go unaddressed and assumed to be normal effects of aging. Vaginal atrophy, stress incontinence, vaginal dryness, irritation, itching and pain associated with urination and intercourse become common symptoms with the onset of menopause or other hormonal shifts. Clinically tested by gynecologists, VRS provides excellent patient satisfaction as a homecare solution or when administered post-procedure. 


  • Hold applicator tube at wide end and insert narrow end of applicator into the vagina. Squeeze product at wide end of tube. Use fingertip to target desired area. Discard tube and tip after use.
  • Apply VRS before bed to allow it to absorb into your body while you sleep. For simple application, insert the solution while laying down and wear a thin panty liner to absorb any excess liquid.
  • For Home Care: Start by using one application of VRS every 2-3 days until the first box is complete. Follow up with 1 box every month, using 1 application every 6 days until patients notice an improvement.
  • For Post-Procedural Care: VRS is an excellent burst of healing growth factors to accelerate healing following laser or other ablative treatments. Use one tube of VRS everyday until the box is finished. Follow with 1 box per month as needed.
Key Benefits:
  • Natural stem cytokines, with added recombinant KGF, KGF2, and VEGF growth factors.

  • VRS can be used in the privacy of your home at your convenience.

  • Oncology safe.

  • High molecular weight hyaluronic acid delivery system.

  • Safe for regular use and for any age.

  • Hormone free.

  • Can be combined with RF and laser procedures.