Regenerate and repair
inside and out.

Optimising your health with Dr Agnes

For over 15 years, Dr Agnes Warchalowski has been helping patients return to better health with personalised nutrition, short-term supplementation and lifestyle modifications. Using this experience and current research she created the Bio-Alai Health System and now trains medical and allied health professionals in the safe use of dietary techniques, nutrients, and lifestyle modifications to address the root causes of inflammation, the driver of common chronic conditions.   


Dr Agnes’ has helped many patients recover from long-standing symptoms and conditions, even when other avenues have been unsuccessful. Some of the conditions and symptoms include:

  • Symptoms of menopause  
  • Weight gain, obesity, lipedema and resistant fat
  • Insulin resistance and type 1 diabetes.
  • Skin conditions such as rosacea, psoriasis, acne, and alopecia
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Endometriosis
  • Infertility
  • Food intolerances
  • Allergies
  • Autoimmune conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease and reactive arthritis
  • Chronic fatigue syndromes and general burnout
  • Mood disorders
  • High blood pressure and high cholesterol
  • And symptoms such as cravings, insomnia, brain fog, fatigue, joint and muscle pain, blocked sinuses, hair loss, facial flushing, tinnitus, headaches and many more.

What to Expect

During her consultations, Dr Agnes explores your history and assesses your results to identify the underlying cause of your symptoms or medical condition. She takes time to explain how your symptoms are linked to the underlying causes and simplifies these concepts to ensure you understand what your body is telling you and what you can do to help. She then works with you to identify your priorities and goals, and provides clear written guidelines to help you reach them.

Her treatment plans are based on current research in longevity, personalised and nutritional medicine and incorporate dietary techniques, including intermittent ketogenic, low carbohydrate, calorie-restricted and protein pacing diets as well as therapeutic fasting. Her plans are designed to guide your body gently and systematically towards better health. She may also recommend short-term supplementation to support cell function and assist the healing process.*

Dr Agnes is a caring practitioner who understands the difficulties faced during chronic illness. Her exceptional understanding of the current research allows her to target recommendations that provide the greatest benefit, while minimising the cost. She therefore avoids expensive or gimmicky tests, supplements lacking therapeutic ingredients or unnecessary treatments, trackers, or gadgets. She will tailor a treatment plan and further guidance to address your needs using the safest and most useful tools.

Please note that Dr Agnes provides detailed nutritional, supplement and lifestyle guidance during her consultations, she does not act in the capacity of your general practitioner and does not provide referrals for tests or to specialists, nor prescribe medications (compounded or pharmaceutical).  She will however provide ideas and written notes (occasionally with reference to scientific papers) to help you discuss further care with your usual doctor.

*Dr Agnes' protocols are based around The Bio-Alai Health System which includes a Bio-Alai Personalised Nutrition Plan with access to the full online program (this is included in the cost of the consultation) and My Alai Multisystem Support (purchased, as needed, for an additional cost). if you already have a Bio-Alai Personalised Nutrition Plan, the same fees will apply as this consultation includes a thorough health assessment and the same amount of time will be allocated.

During the initial consultation, Dr Agnes provides:

  • An assessment of your health questionnaire and results of any tests you provide.
  • A clear explanation of the underlying causes of your symptoms and how to address them.
  • A comprehensive personalised nutritional plan
  • Guidance on the best additional steps, including recommendations on lifestyle, nutrients, nutritional compounds, compounded and over-the-counter products, pharmaceuticals, and further testing that may assist the process.

Before the end of the consultation, Dr Agnes will email notes on how to access your personalised plan and recommendations regarding additional nutrients, tests, medications etc


During the review consultations, Dr Agnes provides guidance on:

  • How to adjust your nutrition and nutrients according to your progress.
  • Any new results that have been performed by your doctor.
  • Addressing all domains of health including sleep, stress, exercise, lifestyle, mindset, past trauma, and social connections.
  • Adjusting meals, food choices, best brands to choose when shopping, where to access bulk-billed or lower cost services like acupuncture and wellness. Dr Agnes is a wealth of knowledge and the motivation, support and guidance she provides in these review consultations is often the key to reaching your goals.

When you are ready to take the next steps towards a healthier life:

Step 1 - Book your appointment here

Step 2 - At least one week prior to your initial consultation, please complete and submit the health questionnaire.

Please attach results of recent relevant pathology and radiology to avoid the need for additional preparatory consultations.

Install Zoom on your computer or mobile phone (depending on which device you will use for the consultation).

Step 3 - Just before your appointment, have a pen and paper ready to take notes. Dr Agnes will call you at the allocated time.


Initial 1-hour consultation                 $480

This includes access to the Bio-Alai Personalised Nutrition Program

30-minute Review consultation        $240                                        

Full payment is required to secure your appointment. You will be prompted to make payment via our on-line booking system

If recommended, My Alai Multisystem Support and other supplements can be purchased at an additional cost.

Packages available.


Package 1: Consultations only - $1850 (save $219).

This includes:

  • 1 x 1-hour consultation
  • Your Bio-Alai Personalised Nutriton Plan
  • Access to the Bio-Alai Personalised Nutrition Program
  • 6 x 30-minute review consultations.

Package 2: Consultations plus the complete Bio-Alai Health System $2950 (save $454).

This includes

  • 1 x 1-hour initial consultation
  • Your Bio-Alai Personalised Nutriton Plan
  • Access to the Bio-Alai Personalised Nutrition Program
  • 6 x 30-minute review consultations
  • 3-months supply of My Alai Multisystem Support.

Please note: Review consultations must be booked and completed within 6 months of purchasing a package.


All consultations are Telehealth consultations as it is difficult to provide adequate assessment otherwise. Please install Zoom on the device you will be using for the consultation.

* If you already have a Bio-Alai Personalised Nutrition Plan, the same fees will apply as this consultation includes a thorough health assessment and the same amount of time will be allocated. 

Rebates: Private health rebates may apply for consultations, however there are no Medicare rebates and no rebates for any supplements recommended.

Cancellations fees apply: Full payment is made when booking your appointment. If you cancel within 24 hours, you will forfeit $200 for theinitial consultation, and $100 for any review consultation.  The remaining amount will be credited to your account.