Regenerate and repair
inside and out.

Dr Agnes Warchalowski

 (MBBS, BHSc, FRACGP) Medical Registration No. MED0000978553

Cosmetic & Nutritional Medicine Practitioner. 

Positive ageing is about feeling your best at any age.  

Dr Agnes combines the practices of Cosmetic and Nutritional Medicine to improve the external signs of ageing, while addressing the underlying factors that contribute to ageing.  

" Every day in may practice I see patients struggling with a range of symptoms simply because they have followed widely-accepted and medically-endorsed dietary guidelines. Decades of inappropriate dietary advice, poor food manufacturing techniques, questionable marketing tactics and increasing exposure to toxins have left our bodies inflamed, degenerated and inefficient in maintaining health. 

While developing Bio-Alai products my only goal was to create a protocol that can help prevent, delay or even reverse this damage. Every recommendation made in the protocol and each nutrient chosen for the formulations serves a specific role towards this gently and systematically guide the body into an optimal state of function"

My Alai™ Multisystem Support

My Alai™ Multisystem Support is a clinic-only formulation that provides comprehensive nutritional, antioxidant, and herbal support for foundational processes in the body.

  • Supports healthy gastrointestinal, immune, and nervous system function
  • Supports metabolism, energy production & thermogenesis
  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar and lipids
  • Supports cognitive function & brain health
  • Enhances memory and helps the body adapt to stress with Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Reduces inflammation and free radical damage
  • Assists natural cleansing and supports  detoxification processes with Western Herbal Medicine
  • Promotes hair thickness and reduces hair loss
  • Promotes collagen formation and enhances skin health


In-Clinic Consultations

Dr Agnes is a Cosmetic and Nutritional Medicine Practitioner who provides treatments to help address the signs of ageing like wrinkles and volume loss. When making a booking, choose the "In-Clinic Consultation" option.

Bio-Alai Review Consultations

Dr Agnes offers review consultations for those who have already registered for a Bio-Alai Personalised Nutrition Plan.

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Personalised Nutrition Plan

Everyone can benefit from a well-designed, personalised nutritional plan. Regardless of your age, health and aesthetic goals or current health status, a Bio-Alai® personalised plan can address your unique physiology to help optimise your health and help you achieve and maintain your goals. When your physiological needs are factored into a plan, it feels effortless, and the results are long-term. 

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