BiomeMD® FAQ

Everyone is different. The ability to lose weight depends on the state your body and this is determined by many factors, such as diet, lifestyle, work, environmental toxins and genetics. While it is expected that you will lose between 4-8kgs during the 6-week program, the main purpose of BiomeMD® is to restore gut health and balance certain physiological process in the body in order tohelp you reach and maintain an ideal weight with minimal effort over time. You should experience a steady weight loss during the program and notice an improvement in your energy levels, sleep, appetite and mood.It is these benefits that will help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight in the long term.

BiomeMD® program includes a flexible eating plan that includes a wide variety of healthy and natural foods to help make healthy eating sustainable in the long-term.

Meals are designed to maintain satiety throughout the day, while allowing for the release of stored fat. You will not need to count calories or macronutrients as the meal plan includes suggested serving sizes at each meal. Meals are portioned and timed in order to provide the nutrients you need, at the right times of the day. You will also guided on how to modify meals to safely accelerate weight loss, if needed.

BiomeMD®  includes recipes for a range of healthy and satisfying meals. Healthy salad is just one of the healthy meals you can enjoy while.

It is normal to feel light-headed, tired, moody and hungry during the first three to five days of Stage 1. This is because your body is withdrawing from addictive substances such as sugar, caffeine, casein, gluten etc. After day five, your symptoms should gradually subside, and you will start to experience the full benefits of the program.

This program provides a gentle detoxification so it is unlikely that you will experience any severe or prolonged symptoms as toxins are being eliminated.

Yes. If you don’t need to lose weight, the protocol can be used to restore gut health, reduce inflammation, assist with detoxification and rebalance physiology without losing weight. To achieve these benefits, you must take the formulas and follow some simple rules regarding meal timing and food choices, however, you do not to restrict the amount of food you eat but rather  eat according to your needs.

All prescription medications must be continued during the program. Do not stop any prescribed medications without discussing it with your regular GP. Antibiotics and simple medications like Panadol are best avoided but can be taken if needed. It is best to stop any supplements or over-the counter medications that have not been prescribed or recommended by your doctor as they may interact with the formulas.

You may experience an improvement in blood pressure,sugar levels and cholesterol during the program. Depending on the degree of your weight loss, you may have a permanent improvement in these health parameters. It is best that you see your GP on completion of the program to determine whether your medications need to be  adjusted accordingly.

The short answer is - most likely, YES.

BiomeMD® is not designed to treat or manage any medical conditions however it may improve some related symptoms. Inflammation, or disordered immune function, are the main drivers of many medical conditions such as autoimmune diseases, metabolic disorders, hormonal abnormalities and neurological impairments. It is now well established that the gut microbiota plays a key role in regulating the immune the system, so as your gut health improves, you may find that certain symptoms resolve.

There are a number of medical conditions that can make you particularly resistant to fat loss. If you have any of the above conditions, you may require a modified diet or additional recommendations. BiomeMD® program has been developed to easily incorporate such modifications, allowing your practitioner to provide you  with an individual plan.

If you have any of the following conditions, you will not be able to participate in BiomeMD™ program:

* Vitamin toxicities

* Kidney, liver or heart  disease.

While unlikely to occur during this program, any change in calorie intake can cause irregularities in the menstrual cycle. If you experience any prolonged symptoms, please  see your GP.

It is best to keep exercise at a low intensity for Stage 1 as you will be following a low carbohydrate plan, which means your muscles will become fatigued if you perform intense exercise. A moderate paced walk and light resistance exercise is sufficient in Stage 1. In Stage 2 you can perform any exercise that is appropriate to your physical limitations. It is best to see your doctor before starting any exercise  program.

No. Artificial sweeteners can contribute to inflammation and insulin resistance. If you need a breath freshener, use natural Breath Pearls (made from pure peppermint and parsley oil). These can be purchased at most pharmacies. Alternately, chew on fresh mint or  parsley leaves.

Most patients enjoy continued weight loss throughout the program however weight fluctuations and plateaus can occur in Stage 2. This is your body’s attempt to maintain the weight it is used to. Other causes can include fluid retention, hormonal fluctuations, excessive salt intake, over-exercising (muscles swell), poor hydration or over-eating. The protocol will discuss techniques on how to overcome plateaus or what to do if you would like to lose weight faster.

Yes, as BiomeMD® program can be easily be modified to meet your needs. Your practitioner will discuss this with at your  consultation.

You can continue the Meal Plan in Stage 2 indefinitely as it is safe for gradual weight loss. You will be provided with tips on how to ensure continued weight loss beyond the  program.

BiomeMD™ program can be repeated after a period of at least six weeks maintenance. We recommend that you maintain a healthy eating plan and balanced lifestyle on completion of the program in order to obtain the best results. However, if you start to experience weight gain or symptoms such as fatigue, insomnia or mood swings, you may need to reassess your diet. Removing toxins from your diet may be all you need to get back to a balanced state but if you this isn’t enough, repeating the program is an option.