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  • A consultation to discuss your aesthetic concerns OR
  • Book your cosmetic treatment.

New Patients: please ensure that you book TWO consecutive 30-minute appointments as Dr Agnes requires 60 minutes for your assessment and treatment plan. Please note that you must complete and return Cosmetic Registration Forms prior to your scheduled appointment time. These will be emailed to you after you book the appointment.

Filler treatments: If you are booking a FILLER treatment of two of more areas of the face (e.g cheeks AND lips), please make TWO consecutive 30-minute appointments.

Please note that Dr Agnes has monthly sessions, and currently, you can book either for Wednesday the 28th of July, Wednesday the 25th of August or Wednesday the 8th of September. If you have any questions, please email them to

Book Cosmetic Appointment


This is a 20-minute Telehealth consultation for those wishing to choose a health-promoting program or service.  Dr Agnes will briefly assess your health questionnaire and advise on whether it is best to commence one of our programs (BiomeMD or hCG Injection Diet) or whether you should go straight to Regenerative Medicine Consultations.

Please note that you must complete and return your Health Questionnaire prior to your scheduled appointment time.


This a 60-minute Telehealth consultation for those who have already had an initial consultation with Dr Agnes and have been guided for further management via individual consultations. Please do not choose this option if you have not yet had an initial consultation.


These consultations are for those who:

  • Are currently participating in one of our health programs (BiomeMD or the hCG Diet) OR
  • Have completed three x 60-minute Regenerative Medicine Consultations with Dr Agnes and require a review of their protocol.