BiomeMD® Formulas

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There is an abundance of supplements available on the market, most of which have little to no health benefits.  The industry is poorly regulated, and many companies make therapeutic claims for food-grade products that have no therapeutic benefits.  Most products contain numerous additives and approximately 70% have been shown to contain lipopolysaccharide, therefore contributing to dysbiosis, leaky gut and inflammation.

Dr Agnes developed the BiomeMD® nutrient formulations based on research in the field of integrative and nutritional medicine.  She took care in choosing ingredients that help manage specific processes relevant to health, longevity and weight management (see table below).  These nutrients are in a bioavailable form so that they get to their site of action. And the doses are therapeutic so that they actually do what they’re supposed to do.  Dr Agnes also ensured that the formulations are free from pro-inflammatory excipients, heavy metals, hormones, pesticides and herbicides, stimulants, preservatives, lipopolysaccharide and synthetic contaminants, so you can be certain there’s nothing that will interfere with the benefits.

The BiomeMD® formulations contain a propriety blend of over 80 compounded nutrients including prebiotics, essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, probiotics as well as innovative antioxidant and anti-inflammatory supplements and phytonutrients.  The formulations are used alongside safe and effective dietary techniques to help prevent, manage or reverse the underlying factors that lead to inflammageing, weight gain and lifestyle-related symptoms. By incorporating what has been shown to be safe and effective in research, without the addition of excipients, you can be certain that the BiomeMD® formulas will give your body exactly what it needs to heal.

Evidence-based Benefits of Nutrients included in the BiomeMD® formulations.

(The complete ingredient list is provided in the BiomeMD® Program Manual)