Hormone Injection diet

General Information

For over ten years, Dr Agnes has been helping patients lose stubborn fat and keep it off long-term.  Having practised Nutritional Medicine, Dr Agnes recognised the need for a modern adaptation of the original hCG protocol, which was developed in the 1950’s.  She has therefore incorporated dietary techniques based on current research into weight management, making the BioAesthetics hCG Injection Diet a unique, safer and potentially more effective protocol.

The BioAesthetics Hormone Injection Diet involves the use of the hCG hormone, a hormone that is naturally produced by men and women. It is released in large amounts during pregnancy and one of its function is believed to be the release stored fat if food intake is too low, therefore providing energy for the developing fetus.

When the hormone is injected at low doses, it acts directly on the hypothalamus, an area of the brain responsible for weight control.  This action may assist with weight loss by:

  • Releasing abnormal fat reserves, allowing the body to use them for energy.
  • Preventing muscle wastage.
  • Maintaining a normal metabolic rate.
  • Reducing appetite.
  • Resetting a new lower weight.

The original hormone diet was developed by an Endocrinologist in the 1950’s who, after years of clinical experiments, determined that it must be combined with calorie restriction and specific food choices for it to be effective.  However, times have changed.  Chronic medical conditions are the norm and our environment and food quality is not what they used to be.  Therefore, the original hCG diet may not be as effective in this day and age.  ​For this reason, Dr Agnes has modified the original program in accordance with current research into the influence of diet and nutrients on health and weight management.  

The program comes complete with the hCG hormone and pure-form compounded supplements to ensure your body is adequately balanced during the diet phase.  The nutrients have been chosen for their ability to improve gut health, assist with detoxification and metabolism, and provide the building blocks for certain hormones and neurotransmitters.   

The program also includes three menu plans tailored to specific patient criteria and can be further individualised for conditions such as pre-diabetes, menopause and adrenal fatigue, making it safer, easier to follow and more likely to achieve optimal results.

Hormone Injections are used to:

▪ Target and release abnormal fat stores

▪ Eliminate food cravings

▪ Establish a new stable weight


Expected Results:

There are two program durations - 3 weeks and 6 weeks.

You can expect to lose between 5 - 7kgs during the 3-week program and 10-15kgs during the 6-week program.  This depends on how much you weight to begin with and how well you adhere to the recommendations.

There has been much research into the effects of very-low-calorie diets, (VLCD), WITHOUT the use of the hCG hormone.  These diets produce significant amounts of weight loss; however, this is mainly due to fluid and muscle loss, with very little being actual fat loss.  In addition, VLCDs have been shown to produce changes in the hypothalamus that result in an increased appetite and reduced metabolism.  This inevitably then leads to poor adherence to the diet and rapid weight regain.  

This is also the experience of those who have attempted a very-low-calorie diet with the use of hCG drops or sprays.  It appears these products only have a  placebo effect as they do not contain hCG and therefore, do not produce the required concentration in the bloodstream that is associated with fat loss. 

The injection form of the hCG hormone appears to play a key role in producing rapid fat loss and re-setting a new lower weight, as well as preventing the responses that would normally lead to weight regain.


Program Stages:

 The program has four stages:

Stage 1 is the week before to commencing injections.  During this stage, you take the supplements provided in the program pack while slowly reducing processed foods.  This helps to restore nutritional balance and prepare the body for the low-calorie diet.

Stage 2 is either three or six weeks in duration and involves the use of daily hormone injections along with a very-low-calorie diet.  You do not need to count calories as these are considered within the meal plan. There are three meal plans, each suited to specific physiological profiles. 

Stage 3 is three weeks in duration, and this is when you stabilise your new weight. Certain foods must be avoided but these are far outweighed by an extensive amount of healthy foods that can be included.  This stage is as important as Stage 1, so the program manual includes meal plans, serving sizes and specific food lists guiding you to achieve the best results. 

Stage 4 is the maintenance stage.  This is when you can introduce a larger variety of foods, including treat foods.  The program manual will guide you on how to re-introduce foods in order to identify food intolerances and your ideal carbohydrate intake.  These are both important factors for long-term maintenance.



Absolute Contraindications:                                   Precautions 

       - Breast cancer                                                                             - Active autoimmune conditions

       - Type1diabetes                                                                            - Adrenal fatigue

       - Breast-feeding or pregnancy (or planning pregnancy)                       -  History of certain cancers                               

       - Severe organ damage or disease                                                  -  History of blood clots  

       - Chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiotherapy

Dr Agnes will assess the answers to your health questionnaire in order to determine your suitability for the program and individualise the program if needed.

The BioAesthetics Hormone Injection Diet includes the following:

The program pack which includes:

  • 1-2 vials of the hormone (depending on the duration of the program). 
  • A propriety blend of prescription supplements
  • Syringes.
  • Three meal plans, each one tailored to specific medical criteria.
  • A large selection of foods to choose from.
  • Individual modifications for each stage of the program may be provided by Dr Agnes according to your needs.

  A program manual that contains:

  • Meal plans containing specific macronutrient proportions to aid long-term hormone regulation and appetite control
  • Food lists containing foods that assist with key processes involved in weight loss and long- term weight maintenance
  • Supplement recommendations beyond the program according to individual needs, in order to assist with long-term maintenance.
  • Comprehensive educational material to help you get the most from the program and beyond.

The following services are also included in the cost:

  • An initial 60-minute consultation with Dr Agnes Warchalowski.
  • Weekly review consultations with our program consultant.
  • Access to a members-only page that includes recipes and videos.
  • Email correspondence that includes
            - The program manual
            - A diet and supplement summary page to put on your fridge
            - Guidelines for all stages
            - A link to access the member's page which contains the following:
                         - Video of program pack contents
                         - Video of injection technique                  
                         - Healthy recipes for each stage of the program

Program Costs:

  • 3 - week program                         $995
  • 6 - week program                         $1190

This cost includes the $300 Consultation Fee with Dr Agnes. ​

If you would like to participate in the BioAesthetics Hormone Injection Diet, please complete the Health Questionnaire below and return it to office@bioaesthetics.com.au