A word from Dr Agnes

Every day in my practice I see patients struggling with a range of symptoms simply because they have followed widely-accepted and medically-endorsed dietary guidelines.   Decades of inappropriate dietary advice, poor food manufacturing practices, questionable marketing tactics and increasing exposure to toxins have left our bodies inflamed, degenerated and inefficient in maintaining health. 

While developing BiomeMD™ my only goal was to create a protocol that is effective in preventing and reversing this damage. Whether it’s for weight loss or improved health - every recommendation made in the protocol and each nutrient chosen for the formulations serves a specific role towards this purpose.

The aim of the protocol is to gently and systematically guide the body into an optimal state of function, allowing the body and brain to work as a team.  This makes it easier to resist urges, regain control over external cues and develop long-term habits that are conducive with health and longevity. 

Everyone is different and an individual approach is essential.  This is why I have included modifications that address certain chronic conditions and common lifestyle symptoms.  I have also provided detailed guidelines on how to identify the right diet for you.

Reversing the damage takes time and commitment. You need to let go of old ways and the need for instant gratification.  You need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable – at least to begin with.  You will never discover how well your body and brain can function until you free yourself from the shackles of food.

Maintaining optimal health is a lifelong commitment that starts with the first step.  Rather than starting a program and falling back into old ways when you finish, make the commitment for an entire year.  There are no quick fixes and no set-backs, just learning experiences – and taking the time to improve your health can be an empowering and gratifying learning process. 

If you are ready to make the change, join us for A Year of Clean towards a healthier and happier life!

Wishing you success in achieving your health goals.

Dr Agnes